Bespoke violins

My goal is to produce an instrument that helps the musician express him/herself and reach his/her goals.

Each project is looked into in a completely individual way, from the very first conversations about sound and aesthetics up to most minute detail on customization and setup, the result being a bespoke instrument that adapts perfectly to its owner.

My work is based in the study of the Italian masters of the sXVII and XVIII, like Antonio Stradivarius and Guarneri del Gesu and also the influence of British makers, where I learned the craft. Violinmakers like William Foster, Joseph and George Panormo and Barak Norman also inspire many details of my personal style.

To build my instruments I have an extense wood collection, personally selected by myself and season in my studio for many years, to guarantee complete estability and the best acoustic response. I also have a very exclusive stock of antique tonewoods from past makers, for those clients looking for the next step in their projects and wanting to enjoy the quality of 100 or 200 year old wood.

Some tonewoods:

  • Spruce from the Dolomite, Val de Fiemme, Paneveggio and Latemar
  • Curly maple from Romania and Bosnia
  • Black poplar and sicamore from the UK and figured poplar from Italy
  • Cypress, Pearwood and Cherrywood from different places in Europe that I use for creating violas de gamba and medieval instruments on ocassions.

Repair and restoration

Some musicians feel more identified with an antique instrument, well seasoned in the hall or from some particular author. It is also part of my ocupation as a violinmaker to offer the best quality in those options, or give expertise in the acquisition of an important instrument. 

in my Studio I personally restore and setup all the antique instruments I have available and also work on customer´s instruments when they requite. 

An important volume of my work as a restorer is the re-configuration of antique violins, violas and chelli to their original baroque neck and setup.