Most of the instruments I make are bespoke by musicians who have known my work and trust that the new instruments I make are what suits their needs. You can contact me to discuss options. On ocassions, I have instruments made by mayself for inmediate purchase.

In my studio I also have instruments by other contemporary makers, as well as some interesting antique instruments fully restored by myself, sold with a certificate or authenticity and guarantee. 

Violin Guarneri del Gesu 1741 “Dushkin”


Violin Stradivari PG

by Jose Catoira

Violin Obie 1


Models I make

The first step in the process of creating a bespoke instrument is determining what model is more suitable for our needs. My work is always inspired by the great instruments of the classical period, but leaving a little room for my own creativity to better match the results to the needs of the contemporary musician. 


  • Stradivari PG y P moulds
  • Guarneri del Gesu “Dushkin” and “Lord Wilton”
  • Jose Contreras 
  • Obie1

I am always open to new ideas and developing different models, like the 5 string violin that came as an interest by folk and jazz musicians. 

Contact me to talk about your needs.