Violin Obie 1

-bespoke 2017-

The Obie 1 violin model was a project done during the 2014 Oberlin Violin Maker´s Workshop, as an exercise and joint effort to unify in one instrument all the preferred carachteristics that the participating professionals believed most important in a violin´s outline.

The result was drawn with the Four circles method, by

For me, what´s most interesting about this model is the versatility that it allows me to create an instrument of noticeable comfort in the upper positions, petite size and perfect string length proportions.

Having built several instruments on this mould, it has become one of my preferred violin models to recommend, and proved very succesful each time.

The instrument pictured here was built bespoke for a young player of promising future.

Aged rumanian maple, italian spruce. Pristine oil varnish.

Jose Catoira

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